Zabbix notifications by phone via Asterisk

One night at the station, the air conditioners turned off and the temperature started to rise, naturally, I received email notifications on the phone, but since it was night, I only saw them in the morning, so it was necessary for such an emergency to quickly make the possibility of phone call notifications. I will […]

Installing and Configuring Zabbix Server on Linux Ubuntu

Zabbix — system monitoring, tracking servers and network equipment. Below I will give an example of installing Zabbix Server and Zabbix Agent from the official Ubuntu repository, if you need to install the latest version, you must first install Zabbix repositories, for example, see my article – Installing Zabbix Server 3.4 on Ubuntu 16.04 Install […]

Solution of error with Detect operating system in Zabbix

The standard “Detect operating system” script does not work in Zabbix, when trying to execute it, the “sudo: no tty present and no askpass program specified” error appears, so for its operation it is necessary to take several actions. The first is to install nmap: The second is to allow the user of Zabbix to […]

Monitoring of Apache2 parameters in Zabbix

Install the necessary components: Activate the module information about apache2 (usually it is activated initially): Open the configuration file of the module and specify the IP address of the zabbix server to allow it to view information about apache2 (if apache2 is on the local machine, then access is usually allowed by specifying local or […]

How to increase the number of recent events in the Zabbix panel

I noticed that the Zabbix panel displays a maximum of 20 recent events, and the rest should be viewed in groups of network nodes. To increase the number of recent events displayed, open the file ../zabbix/include/ in any editor, for example, in nano: and approximately on line 537 we find the following: Let’s change the […]