BGP. Channel Balancing on Quagga

I will give an example of balancing only incoming traffic with two channels using Quagga. On the test, I will use Ubuntu 16.04.4 LTS and Quagga, the network interface ens1f0 for the second provider with one neighbors and ens2f0 for the first provider with two neighbors, the local network will be connected to ens2f1. […]

Install Apache JMeter in Ubuntu

Apache JMeter — load testing tool. For Apache JMeter you need to install Java, see my article – Installing Java on Linux. For an example I’ll install Apache JMeter in Ubuntu Desktop 18.04. After Java is installed, copy the link to the archive with the latest version of Apache JMeter from the official site […]

Testing network bandwidth with Iperf

Iperf — cross-platform console client-server program – a TCP and UDP traffic generator for testing network bandwidth. The installation command in Ubuntu: To display help in the console, type: Let’s see what version was installed: To test network bandwidth, the following commands are executed: On server: On the client: On the client from Windows, you […]