ABillS. Installing and configuring Callcenter

Once in one company, in order to simplify the search for callers in ABillS, it was necessary to install the Callcenter module, which has different capabilities, but what we needed was pop-up notifications in the browser with a link to the caller’s page.

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Asterisk Call Forwarding

Let me give you an example of setting call forwarding in Asterisk.
For example, on Grandstream IP phones, you can enable redirection by the functions of the phone itself, but if the phone is far away and there is no way to do it on it, but it is possible to log in using the SIP number of this phone, then to activate call forwarding, you can make a voice menu when dialing a certain number, for example, *21 to activate call forwarding and enter the phone number to which calls will be forwarded, and *22 to cancel call forwarding.

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Configuring SIP Trunk in Asterisk from Ukrtelecom

I will give an example of setting up SIP Trunk in Asterisk, that is, Asterisk will be in the role of a SIP client.
From the provider Ukrtelecom received data: number, password and address of the telephony server (sip.ukrtel.net).
SIP number was taken to make multi-channel not an ordinary city number, by forwarding in case of busy lines.
I will configure on a Linux server with a real IP without using NAT, as well as on another with NAT (in the second case, you need to change nat=no to nat=yes and comment out canreinvite).

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