How to enable TRIM for third-party SSDs on MacOS

The trimforce utility allows you to activate TRIM on third-party devices connected to the AHCI controller; by default, TRIM commands are not sent to third-party storage devices. The trimforce utility has appeared since OS X 10.10.4.
On original devices, TRIM is used by default and no commands need to be entered.

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How to see hidden files on macOS

Once, a friend gave me a flash drive with documents that he wrote down on a MacBook and I connected it to a computer with a Windows operating system and it turned out that the flash drive contained a lot of other information that my friend deleted on MacOS but didn’t empty the trash, and in this case the files simply moved to a hidden folder.
Therefore, it is sometimes useful to see hidden files on MacOS.

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IPhone 5s Repair – Blue Screen

Once I changed the battery in the iPhone 5s and at the same time decided to remove dust on the camera, for this I had to unscrew the protective plate, disconnect the display and camera cables.
And not with care, I mixed up the four bolts that held the plate, but they are of different sizes!
Below the photo, the first bolt does not magnetize, the rest are magnetized.

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Repair iPhone 5s – rear camera does not work

Once I dropped a new iPhone 5s from a knee-height onto a tile, the phone was in a protective bumper, as soon as I lifted it, I noticed that the flashlight button was not active. I rebooted it, the button became active and the flashlight worked, at that moment I even shot a video, but the next day when the camera was turned on, a black screen was displayed when the camera was turned on.
For some time, I managed to switch to the front camera, but the rear one did not work.
Sometimes you could see the warning “Flash is Disabled – The iPhone needs to cool down before you can use the flash.”, But the phone was not used before and naturally could not overheat.
Sometimes also after a couple of reboots, the rear camera could start working and then again there was a black screen.

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