IPhone 5s Repair – Blue Screen

Once I changed the battery in the iPhone 5s and at the same time decided to remove dust on the camera, for this I had to unscrew the protective plate, disconnect the display and camera cables.
And not with care, I mixed up the four bolts that held the plate, but they are of different sizes!
Below the photo, the first bolt does not magnetize, the rest are magnetized.

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Repair iPhone 5s – rear camera does not work

Once I dropped a new iPhone 5s from a knee-height onto a tile, the phone was in a protective bumper, as soon as I lifted it, I noticed that the flashlight button was not active. I rebooted it, the button became active and the flashlight worked, at that moment I even shot a video, but the next day when the camera was turned on, a black screen was displayed when the camera was turned on.
For some time, I managed to switch to the front camera, but the rear one did not work.
Sometimes you could see the warning “Flash is Disabled – The iPhone needs to cool down before you can use the flash.”, But the phone was not used before and naturally could not overheat.
Sometimes also after a couple of reboots, the rear camera could start working and then again there was a black screen.

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How to turn off “Raise to Wake” on iPhone

Starting with the iPhone 6s version, the “Raise to Wake” function has appeared.

Thanks to which you can quickly check notifications on the iPhone, take a photo, turn on a flashlight, etc., without pressing the “Home” button.
If you do not perform any action, the iPhone will return to sleep.

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Why do Mac function keys work without fn and instead of F1-F12

I noticed that on many laptops, including the MacBook, function keys (brightness level of the display, volume, etc.) can be used as standard without the fn (function) key. And the keys themselves from F1 to F12 have to be used with the fn key (it is located in the lower left corner of the keyboard).

So that the keys from F1 to F12 work as usual, and the functional only with the fn key – open “System settings” – “Keyboard“, then in the tab “Keyboard” select “Use the F1, F2 and other function keys as standard“.

Is done.

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How to connect a wireless mouse to your macbook

Briefly describe the points on how to connect a wireless mouse to your MacBook:

1) First you need to turn on Bluetooth. The Bluetooth icon is usually located at the top of the screen, to the left of the volume and Wi-Fi icon, or in the System settings.
2) Set up a new device, for this you need to click in the “Install a new device” window.
3) Turn on the wireless mouse (the switch is usually under the mouse), after switching on the indicator should light up.
4) Select the device in the list and click “Continue” to complete the connection. After pairing in the system settings, you can configure some parameters of the mouse.