Repair iPhone 5s – rear camera does not work

Once I dropped a new iPhone 5s from a knee-height onto a tile, the phone was in a protective bumper, as soon as I lifted it, I noticed that the flashlight button was not active. I rebooted it, the button became active and the flashlight worked, at that moment I even shot a video, but the next day when the camera was turned on, a black screen was displayed when the camera was turned on.
For some time, I managed to switch to the front camera, but the rear one did not work.
Sometimes you could see the warning “Flash is Disabled – The iPhone needs to cool down before you can use the flash.”, But the phone was not used before and naturally could not overheat.
Sometimes also after a couple of reboots, the rear camera could start working and then again there was a black screen.

To solve this problem, I had to disassemble the iPhone 5s and disconnect the camera cable and plug it back in, it took about five minutes. Done, the camera worked fine after that!

I want to note that this problem is encountered by many and some are trying to reset the settings, restore the firmware, etc., but this is unlikely to help, since you would rather drop, knock, or maybe just even shake the iPhone 5s. In my case, the protective plate inside holding the cables did not help, although the cable was connected to the end, but the problem was still in it.

If someone is going to repair it himself, then be sure to read the article below, otherwise you can damage the phone, but whoever has never disassembled the iPhone 5s can only be taken to a service center.
IPhone 5s Repair – Blue Screen

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