How to turn on the iPhone if the button does not work

To turn on the iPhone without a power button, just connect it with a USB cable to your computer.

If the iPhone does not turn on immediately, the battery is likely to be completely depleted, in which case it will be necessary to wait about 10 minutes until it has enough charge to turn on, after which the iPhone will turn on.

How to cancel the application download in the App Store on a MacBook

Today, in the App Store on the MacBook, I clicked on the download button for one large application, then changed my mind, and the cancel button is not displayed normally, there is only a pause.

To cancel, you need to open the “Purchase” tab in the App Store and press the “Alt” key on the keyboard, then the “Cancel” clicking on which you can cancel the download.


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Solving the hang problem in Outlast on MacOS

I noticed once that the game downloaded via Steam Outlast after the successful launch and the loser of the introductory video hangs.

As it turned out, a bug in Russification and judging by everything for a long time, that is, with every appearance of captions in Russian, there is a hangup when it is not known to correct it.

To solve a problem it is possible switching in the settings of the game itself the language for example in English, after that there should be no freezes.

In the case of a black screen at startup, you can wait a bit, then try to minimize Outlast by pressing Command+Tab and turn it back.

Using the firmware password on a Mac

To enable or disable the firmware password on the Mac and MacBooks, you must press the Command+R keys or the Option(Alt) key after turning on the sound, then select the menu “Utilities“-“Firmware password utility “and select” Enable firmware password “in the window that opens and set the password.
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