How to connect a wireless mouse to your macbook

Briefly describe the points on how to connect a wireless mouse to your MacBook:

1) First you need to turn on Bluetooth. The Bluetooth icon is usually located at the top of the screen, to the left of the volume and Wi-Fi icon, or in the System settings.
2) Set up a new device, for this you need to click in the “Install a new device” window.
3) Turn on the wireless mouse (the switch is usually under the mouse), after switching on the indicator should light up.
4) Select the device in the list and click “Continue” to complete the connection. After pairing in the system settings, you can configure some parameters of the mouse.

How to cancel the application download in the App Store on a MacBook

Today, in the App Store on the MacBook, I clicked on the download button for one large application, then changed my mind, and the cancel button is not displayed normally, there is only a pause.

To cancel, you need to open the “Purchase” tab in the App Store and press the “Alt” key on the keyboard, then the “Cancel” clicking on which you can cancel the download.


See also the video:

Solving the hang problem in Outlast on MacOS

I noticed once that the game downloaded via Steam Outlast after the successful launch and the loser of the introductory video hangs.

As it turned out, a bug in Russification and judging by everything for a long time, that is, with every appearance of captions in Russian, there is a hangup when it is not known to correct it.

To solve a problem it is possible switching in the settings of the game itself the language for example in English, after that there should be no freezes.

In the case of a black screen at startup, you can wait a bit, then try to minimize Outlast by pressing Command+Tab and turn it back.