How to find out the size of a folder in Linux

I will give below examples of commands by which it is possible to look at the size of folders in Linux.

For example, using the du command (the size of the subfolders is displayed and the total size at the end, the sudo command is used to elevate privileges to access all folders):

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How to reset Linux root password via Live CD

If it is not possible to use the GRUB bootloader as I described in this article – How to reset the root password in Linux via GRUB, you will have to run a Live CD, for example Ubuntu Desktop, at startup select “Try Ubuntu …” instead of installing, and then it will start.
How to make bootable flash drives I described here – How to create a bootable flash drive

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Resolving the error when starting the MC “Unable to create directory” /home/user/.local/share/mc “”

I noticed once the following error when starting MC (Midnight Commander):

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RAID Creation During Ubuntu Installation

On the test, when installing Ubuntu Server 14.04 LTS, we will create software RAID1.
I note that when creating RAID will be used mdadm automatically.
I will connect two identical disks to the server (similarly, you can try to create RAID on a virtual machine, for example, created in VirtualBox).

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Configuring SIP Trunk in Asterisk from Ukrtelecom

I will give an example of setting up SIP Trunk in Asterisk, that is, Asterisk will be in the role of a SIP client.
From the provider Ukrtelecom received data: number, password and address of the telephony server (
SIP number was taken to make multi-channel not an ordinary city number, by forwarding in case of busy lines.
I will configure on a Linux server with a real IP without using NAT, as well as on another with NAT (in the second case, you need to change nat=no to nat=yes and comment out canreinvite).

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