How to restrict access to the Proxmox WEB interface

I will give an example of restricting access to the Proxmox web interface on port 8006.

To do this, create a pveproxy configuration file:

nano /etc/default/pveproxy

And add the contents to it (separated by commas, we list the trusted IP addresses from which you are allowed to open the Proxmox web interface):


To exit the nano text editor, use the “Ctrl+X” and “y” keys to save changes.

Restart pveproxy to apply the changes:

service pveproxy restart

I would like to note that access will be limited only to the Proxmox web interface, and all other ports will remain open, for example by default: SSH, 111, 3128. You can check which ports are open by running the command on another server (where is the Proxmox server):


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