The solution to the error “ImportError: No module named ldap”

Installed iRedMail on Ubuntu Server in February 2016 and noticed an error when trying to send a message via Roundcube: SMTP error (451): Unable to add recipient “Email” (4.3.5 Server configuration problem) I checked if iredapd is running: It turned out that it was not running because the response from telnet was displayed: Unable to […]

Configuring email notifications in Zabbix via iRedMail

On the test I will use Zabbix 3.0.3 and iRedMail 0.9.4 installed in Ubuntu Server 14.04.4 LTS. First, in the Zabbix panel, activate the action by opening the tab “Configuration” – “Actions” and activate “Report problems to Zabbix administrators“. In it I also, to see the names of the hosts, changed both topics of the […]

How to enable SMTP without SSL on port 25 in iRedMail / Postfix

To allow the sending of messages on the mail server without encryption via port 25, you need to open the Postfix configuration file, for example, in the nano editor (in which Ctrl+X to exit, y/n to save or cancel changes): And uncomment two lines: And leave the commented line: Reload Postfix to apply the changes: […]

Allow insecure connections to POP3 / IMAP iRedMail

In order to be able to connect to POP3 / IMAP without STARTTLS, you need to open the Dovecot configuration file: Edit the two parameters listed below: To return the parameters of the secure connection to POP3S / IMAPS back: After the changes in the Dovecot configuration, you need to restart it: See also: How […]