Install Apache JMeter in Ubuntu

Apache JMeter — load testing tool. For Apache JMeter you need to install Java, see my article – Installing Java on Linux. For an example I’ll install Apache JMeter in Ubuntu Desktop 18.04. After Java is installed, copy the link to the archive with the latest version of Apache JMeter from the official site […]

Monitoring of Apache2 parameters in Zabbix

Install the necessary components: Activate the module information about apache2 (usually it is activated initially): Open the configuration file of the module and specify the IP address of the zabbix server to allow it to view information about apache2 (if apache2 is on the local machine, then access is usually allowed by specifying local or […]

Installing and Configuring the Apache2 Web Server

Apache HTTP Server – named after the tribes of the North American Indians of Apache, is also an abbreviation of “a patchy server” – a free web server. An example of an installation command in Ubuntu: Example installation in CentOS: We check to open in the browser the address http://HOSTNAME Normally, a standard inscription should […]

The solution of the error “Permission denied: .htaccess pcfg_openfile: unable to check htaccess file, ensure it is readable”

I noticed somehow the following error: [Mon Sep 05 10:24:38 2016] [crit] [client] (13)Permission denied: /home/user/public_html/.htaccess pcfg_openfile: unable to check htaccess file, ensure it is readable Before the error occurred, I moved the files through sudo (from the root user) and to return the rights I executed the command: Which changed the owner to […]

Solution of the error “Invalid command ‘AuthGroupFile'”

I noticed once the following error: AH00526: Syntax error on line 26 of /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/000-default.conf: Invalid command ‘AuthGroupFile’, perhaps misspelled or defined by a module not included in the server configuration Action ‘configtest’ failed. The Apache error log may have more information. It is solved simply by activating the module: Restart apache2 to apply the changes: […]

How to fix “client denied by server configuration” error

I noticed once in the browser the error of opening a GoIP SMS crypt: [authz_core:error] [pid 23415] [client] AH01630: client denied by server configuration: /usr/local/goip/ As it turned out, the script was supposed to work in apache2 version 2.2 and in the file /etc/apache2/conf-enabled/goip.conf the following parameters were specified: And in my case, an […]