I once created a Zabbix template for the Deep Sea 7420 MK2 module, so I will post some important SNMP OIDs that I used:

MIB file can be downloaded from the official site, I also attached it here

I saved it to the /usr/share/snmp/mibs/ directory, but since its name was not correct, I looked at the name at the beginning of the file:


And saved it with the name DSE-74xx-v1-3-MIB.txt

After that, I converted the SNMP MIBs I needed into OIDs, an example command:

snmptranslate -IR -On DSE-74xx-v1-3-MIB::mainsL1Volts

Example of checking SNMP OID with non-standard SNMP port 2161:

snmpwalk -v2c -c .

Now I will list the main SNMP OIDs.
Power supply from the mains (multiply the result by * 0.1, measured in volts, V):

. (mainsL1Volts)
. (mainsL2Volts)
. (mainsL3Volts)

Network and generator frequency, Hz (multiply the result by * 0.1):

. (mainsFreq)
. (genFreq)

The voltage of the battery and the voltage by which the battery is charged, V (multiply the result by * 0.1):

. (engBatteryVolts)
. (engChargeAltVolts)

Fuel level:

. (engFuelLevel)

Oil pressure, kPa (displayed only when the generator is running):

. (engOilPress)

Engine speed, RPM:

. (engSpeedDisplay)

Coolant temperature, °C (displayed only when the generator is running):

. (engModCoolTemp)

Ambient temperature:

. (engAmbAirTemp)

Total generator power, W:

. genL1Watts
. (genL2Watts)
. (genL3Watts)
. (genWattsTotal)

Generator current average, minimum, maximum, A (multiply the result by *0.1):

. (genCurrentAve)
. (genCurrentMin)
. (genCurrentMax)

Average power factor of the generator (multiply the result by *0.1):

. (genPFTotalAvgPC)

Engine hours (stored in the module):

. (engModHours)

If you replace the DSE 7420 MK2 control module with another one, then the hours will not be saved, and when replacing the module, you must first convert the old configuration to the version of the new module using the DSE Configuration Suite application and then write it to the new module to avoid dangerous situations! For example, when I replaced the module, the new one had the wrong standard configuration, the sensors were mixed up, the number of phases was wrong, the heating was turned on, which could start a fire.

Default login and password: Admin/Password1234

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  1. Hello, can you please share the Zabbix template you use for this? We have the DSE 7410 MKII and I couldn’t find any template to use. Thanks!