“Pings drop out” on GPON ONU and defective power supplies

One day, several technical specialists who connect the Internet to users began to complain that there was no speed and ping requests “dropped out”.

In all problematic cases, the connection was made by Chinese GPON ONU GP8100 and TP-Link routers of different models.

If you connect the GPON ONU to the computer, then the problem disappears, that is, the speed is excellent on speedtest and ping responses are lossless.

The problem turned out to be defective power supplies for the GPON ONU, so the entire batch of power supplies was returned to the supplier, they were delivered separately from the ONU.
Below is a photo of these power supplies, I want to note that similar power supplies with the same sticker that were ordered earlier work perfectly, and the new batch was defective.

Surprisingly, if you connect the GPON ONU directly to the computer, then the problem disappears, if you connect it to the TP-Link router, the problem is reproduced. With other routers did not have time to test.

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