Configuring TP-Link EP110

On the test I will connect TP-Link EP110 ONT to BDCOM P3310B-2AC EPON OLT.

To configure the TP-Link EP110, you must connect it to the computer with a cable and type in the address bar of the browser, then disable the DHCP server from the menu by unchecking DHCP.

It is also necessary to select the ONT mode as shown in the figure below:

After that, TP-Link EP110 will work and register similarly to other ONTs, such as BDCOM P1501C1, FOXGATE 1001w, etc.

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BDCOM P3310 Reset Configuration

For the test, I perform a reset on the BDCOM P3310C-2AC, and similarly can be reset on other BDCOM P3310 revisions.

We connect the console cable to the device that is turned off, open the terminal, turn on the power, immediately hold down the Ctrl + P keys, hold them and wait for the inscription to appear below, if the keys are pressed late, the device can start to boot normally, in this case we’ll start again.

I had the inscription:

Welcome to BDCOM P3310C EPON OLT

Then I pressed the “Enter” key and displayed:


Type the command:

delete startup-config

We agree that we want to erase this file by pressing the “y” key.

Done, the configuration file is erased, it remains to reboot the device by typing:


And again we agree by pressing “y

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Watch the video as I did: