Configuring Huawei SmartAX MA5683T

Default login: root, password: admin.
BIOS may contain: huawei123, admin123, Huawei@123.
Default IP:
Standard data for a console port connection: Baud rate 9600, 8 bits, stop bits 1, no flow control, VT100/auto.

The assembly will be used for the test:
2 –
3 –
9 X2CS
And GPON ONUs: Huawei EchoLife HG8010, ZTE ZXA10 F601, Foxgate G2001R, Huawei EchoLife HG8245C (WiFi) and many others.

Let’s connect to the console port (CON) and write the IP for management in the managed VLAN (I have 207):

vlan 207 smart
port vlan 207 0/8 0
interface vlanif 207
ip address

Or you can assign an IP to a special meth port for management (then you will have to connect an additional cable to the OLT):

Add a default route if you want the IP address for management to be visible on other networks:

ip route-static

In configuration mode, add a user so that you can connect via telnet:

MA5683T(config)#terminal user name
3 (1. user 2. operator 3. admin)

Confirmation or removal of new boards (I installed new boards GPBD, X2CS and the block with coolers on a hot one, without turning off the OLT):

MA5683T(config)#board confirm 0/5
MA5683T(config)#board confirm 0/8
MA5683T(config)#board confirm 0/9
MA5683T(config)#board remove 0/9
MA5683T(config)#display board

Or all at once like this:

board confirm 0
display board 0

You can reboot the board like this:

MA5683T(config)#board reset 0/5

Let’s create a new Vlan for users and point it to port 0/8/0:

MA5683T(config)#vlan 228 smart
MA5683T(config)#port vlan 228 0/8 0
MA5683T(config)#display vlan 228

An example of removing one or more VLANs from a port:

MA5683T(config)#undo port vlan 228 0/8 0
MA5683T(config)#undo port vlan 228 to 240 0/8 0

An example of adding a DBA profile with an outgoing speed limit of 1Gb/s:

MA5683T(config)#dba-profile add profile-id 20 type3 assure 1024 max 1000000
MA5683T(config)#display dba-profile all

Let’s look at the standard dba-profiles from 1 to 9, they can be changed:

display dba-profile all
display dba-profile profile-id 1
dba-profile modify profile-id 1
dba-profile modify profile-id 2
dba-profile modify profile-id 3...9

I noticed that if ONTs with no matter what dba-profile are already registered on OLT, then dba-profile 1 cannot be changed.

Adding lineprofile:

MA5683T(config)#ont-lineprofile gpon profile-id 10
tcont 4 dba-profile-id 20
gem add 1 eth tcont 4
mapping-mode vlan
gem mapping 1 0 vlan 228

Adding srvprofile:

MA5683T(config)#ont-srvprofile gpon profile-id 10
ont-port eth 1
port vlan eth 1 228

GPON settings and adding ONU:

MA5683T(config)#interface gpon 0/5
huawei(config-if-gpon-0/5)#port 0 ont-auto-find enable
huawei(config-if-gpon-0/5)#display ont autofind 0
huawei(config-if-gpon-0/5)#ont add 0 0 sn-auth 5A544117C04C6148 omci ont-lineprofile-id 10 ont-srvprofile-id 10 desc TEXT
MA5683T(config-if-gpon-0/5)#ont port native-vlan 0 0 eth 1 vlan 228

An example of viewing information about an added ONU:

MA5683T(config-if-gpon-0/5)#display ont info 0 0
MA5683T(config-if-gpon-0/5)#display ont ipconfig 0
MA5683T(config-if-gpon-0/5)#display ont traffic 0 0 1
MA5683T(config-if-gpon-0/5)#display ont optical-info 0 1
MA5683T(config-if-gpon-0/5)#display ont version 0 1
MA5683T(config-if-gpon-0/5)#display statistics ont-eth 0 1 ont-port 1

Configuring GIU uplink ports:

MA5683T(config)#interface giu 0/8
MA5683T(config-if-giu-0/8)#native-vlan all vlan 228
MA5683T(config-if-giu-0/8)#network-role 0 uplink
MA5683T(config-if-giu-0/8)#display port state all
MA5683T(config-if-giu-0/8)#display traffic-suppress

Adding a service-port for the added onu (for each onu, you need to write a service-port, it won’t work without it):

MA5683T(config)#service-port 1 vlan 228 gpon 0/5/0 ont 0 gemport 1 multi-service user-vlan 228

Using the service-port, you can later look at mac-addresses on onu:

display mac-address service-port 1

An example of finding a specific mac address:

display mac-address all | include e0cb-4ec3-7c44
display mac-address port 0/4/3

DHCP setting (only needed for L3):

MA5683T(config)#dhcp-server 0 ip
MA5683T(config)#dhcp proxy enable
MA5683T(config)#interface vlanif 228
MA5683T(config-if-vlanif50)#dhcp-server 0

SNMP configuration:

display snmp-agent community read
display snmp-agent community write
snmp-agent community read IXNFO.COM
snmp-agent sys-info version v2c
snmp-agent sys-info contact TEXT
snmp-agent sys-info location TEXT

Let’s set up protection against loops:

ring check enable
ring check resume-interval 30

An example of enabling dos protection:

security anti-dos enable
security anti-dos control-packet policy deny
security anti-dos control-packet rate 0/5/0 default
display security anti-dos control-packet rate 0/5/0
display security dos-blacklist all

Let’s turn on other protection:

security anti-icmpattack enable
security anti-ipattack enable
security anti-macduplicate enable
display log security 
display security config
display security conflict

Viewing mac addresses:

display mac-address

Save configuration:


Viewing the current configuration:

display current-configuration

View the part of the current configuration in which the specified text occurs:

display current-configuration | include TEXT

An example of clearing the configuration:

erase flash data active/standby

An example of viewing various statistics:

display board 0/5
display cpu 0/5
display resource
display security config
display temperature
display gpon statistics ethernet 0/5 0
display igmp config global

CPU overload control setting (default 10):

display cpu-overload-control parameter
cpu-overload-control  parameter adjustfactor 20

To remove the ONU, you must first remove the service-port, and then the ONU itself with the commands:

undo service-port 1
interface gpon 0/5
ont delete 0 0

To enable/disable the display of alarms in the console:

alarm output all
undo alarm output all

When a non-working SFP is connected, you can see information about it, for example, in active alarms:

display alarm active all

You can see the device uptime with the command:

display sysuptime

See also my articles:

Note that if you turn on a media converter instead of ONT on a branch, then all ONTs on this branch may stop working, a similar situation can be if the network has a broken ONT constantly shining with a high optical signal level.

Commands can be typed not to the end, but press the TAB key, they will be added automatically.

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