ONU traffic shaping on Huawei MA5600 OLT

Speed shaping on ONU is performed using dba-profile, which is specified in ont-lineprofile, in this article I will give an example of how to configure it.

If ONU has already been added to OLT, then remove it:

undo service-port 5084
interface gpon 0/1
ont del 10 63

Let’s look at the existing dba-profile and add a new one, for example, with a limit of 50 Mbps:

display dba-profile all
dba-profile add profile-id 13 profile-name "50Mb" type3 assure 1024 max 54000
display dba-profile profile-id 13

Now let’s create a new ont-lineprofile in which we specify a new dba-profile:

ont-lineprofile gpon profile-name "ixnfo.com_50Mbit"
 tcont 4 dba-profile-id 13
 gem add 1 eth tcont 4
 gem mapping 1 0 vlan 1061

Remove ont-lineprofile if possible like this:

undo ont-lineprofile gpon profile-name "ixnfo.com_50Mbit"

After that, it remains to add ONU indicating the new ont-lineprofile:

interface gpon 0/1
ont add 10 63 sn-auth "465454480813359C" omci ont-lineprofile-name "ixnfo.com_50Mbit" ont-srvprofile-name "ixnfo.com" desc "TEST 50Mbit"
ont port native-vlan 10 63 eth 1 vlan 1061 priority 0
service-port 5084 vlan 1061 gpon 0/1/10 ont 63 gemport 1 multi-service user-vlan 1061 tag-transform translate

By default, for all ONUs, I use dba-profile, which indicates the speed of 1Gbit/s:

dba-profile add profile-id 15 profile-name "dba-profile_15" type3 assure 1024 max 1000000

And client traffic is already limited on the router in the core of the network, but there are cases when traffic goes past the router, for example, L2 network for clients, where clients see each other directly, then traffic must be limited through dba-profile on the ONU itself, as I described in this article.

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