Restore Huawei SmartAX MA5600 Configuration

On the test, I will give an example of creating a backup of the Huawei SmartAX MA5683T configuration to a TFTP server, as well as its restoration.
Recovery is often useful when you need to quickly return to the previous configuration or to make massive changes to the configuration or to profiles that are active and used by the ONT.
OLT reboot is required.

I will give an example of sending the configuration to a TFTP server (before sending, you need to perform a save, otherwise not the actual configuration will be sent to TFTP):

backup configuration tftp olt.cfg

Similarly, you can create copies of other data:

backup data tftp file.dat
backup bios tftp file.bin
backup program tftp file.efs

To restore the configuration, download it from the TFTP server to the active and backup management boards (this is “all” at the end of the command).

load configuration tftp olt.cfg all

Let’s wait for the configuration to download and when the message is displayed:

The loading is successful

The configuration file in 0 frame 6 slot will take effect after being
The configuration file in 0 frame 7 slot will take effect after being

Activate the configuration (OLT will reboot!):

active configuration system

Or just reboot the OLT:

reboot system

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