View information about ONU on Huawei SmartAX MA5600

To view information about the ONU / ONT, connect to Huawei SmartAX MA5683T via telnet using the putty utility or via the windows command line, for example, by typing the command:


After entering the login and password, go to the gpon interface menu:

interface gpon 0/5

Then you can perform a number of commands, I will describe in order.

View information about the ONU (where the first 0 means the GPON port number on the GPON board, and the second ONU number):

display ont info 0 0

Viewing current traffic to the ONU (where the first 0 means the GPON port number on the GPON board, the second ONU number, and the one the ethernet port number on the ONU):

display ont traffic 0 0 1

View ONU optical information:

display ont optical-info 0 0

View ONU version:

display ont version 0 0

View brief statistics of the ONU port ethernet:

display statistics ont-eth 0 0 ont-port 1

ONU capability:

display ont capability 0 0

ONU ports status:

display ont port state 0 0 eth-port all
display ont port state 0 0 eth-port 1

ONU Registration Information:

display ont register-info 0 0

View the number of MAC addresses on the ONU:

display ont mac-count 0 0

You can view MAC addresses on ONUs only through the service-port, in order to find out its number, we will find it in the configuration, for example:

display current-configuration | include 0/5/0 ont 0

When the service-port number is known, look at the MAC addresses:

display mac-address service-port 1433

To exit the gpon interface menu, use the quit command, re-entering the command will exit and disconnect from the device.

The command displays information about the service-port to which the ONUs are connected:

display service-port all

On some firmware versions, you can see the MAC address on the ONU using for example a command (for example, the command does not work on the MA5683T MA5600V800R008C01, but it works on the MA5608T MA5600V800R015C00):

display mac-address port 0/0/0 ont 0

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