Configuring BDCOM P3608-2TE

For the test, I’ll configure BDCOM P3608-2TE with firmware 10.1.0E build 46085.

I connected to the device with an original console cable at a speed of 9600, also the IP address is assigned to the device by default, the login and password are the same – admin.

Switch to setup mode:


Add the necessary VLANs:

vlan 207,226,228
no interface vlan 1

Set up the Uplink port, out of habit I use the combo port GigaEthernet0/5:

interface GigaEthernet0/5
no shutdown
description UPLINK
switchport trunk vlan-allowed 207,226,228
switchport trunk vlan-untagged none
switchport mode trunk
dhcp snooping trust

You can create a profile for ONU auto-registration:

epon onu-config-template ixnfo
cmd-sequence 001 epon onu port 1 ctc vlan mode tag 228
cmd-sequence 002 epon onu port all-port ctc loopback detect
cmd-sequence 003 epon onu all-port storm-control mode 4 threshold 256
cmd-sequence 004 switchport port-security dynamic maximum 3
cmd-sequence 005 switchport port-security mode dynamic

Configure EPON ports, for example:

interface EPON0/1
description users
epon pre-config-template ixnfo binded-onu-llid 1-64
epon onu-always-laser-on disable
filter dhcp
switchport trunk vlan-allowed 226,228
switchport trunk vlan-untagged none
switchport mode trunk
switchport protected 1
no shutdown

I used VLAN 207 for management, assign an IP address:

interface VLAN207
ip address

Specify the default route so that you can connect to BDCOM from other networks:

ip route default

Create a list of IP addresses from which we later enable BDCOM control:

ip access-list standard MANAGEMENT

Specify a list for telnet:

ip telnet access-class MANAGEMENT

Configure SNMP:

snmp-server community 0 public RO MANAGEMENT
snmp-server contact
snmp-server location

Specify the server for time synchronization:

time-zone Kyiv 2 0
ntp query-interval 3600
ntp server

Add an administrator:

aaa authentication login default local
aaa authentication enable default none
aaa authorization exec default local
username admin password 0 TEXT
enable password 0 TEXT
service password-encryption

Disable the HTTP server and spanning-tree:

no ip http server
no spanning-tree

If there is a problem with third-party ONUs, then we will execute the commands:

epon oam-version 1 0x30
epon oam-version 2 0x21
epon oam-version 3 0x20

Let us use some reserved MAC addresses:

epon local-mac forward

We exit the setup mode and save the configuration:

write all

Example of configuring a GigaEthernet port with vlan without a tag:

interface GigaEthernet0/6
switchport mode access
switchport pvid 301
switchport protected 1

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