How to add EPON ONT on MA5608T

In this article, I will show an example of adding EPON ONT on Huawei MA5608T.
I will use ONT from different manufacturers, EPON board H803EPFD for 16 ports.

Gigabit dba-profile example:

dba-profile add profile-id 15 profile-name "dba-profile_15" type3 assure 1024 max 1000000

Ont-lineprofile example:

 ont-lineprofile epon profile-id 10 profile-name "vlan 728"
 llid dba-profile-id 15

Ont-srvprofile example:

 ont-srvprofile epon profile-id 10 profile-name "vlan 728"
 ont-port eth 1
 port vlan eth 1 728

Now let’s select an EPON board and add an ONT on it (for example, port 9):

interface epon 0/0
display ont autofind 9
ont add 9 0 mac-auth D425-CC0E-4E6D oam ont-lineprofile-id 10 ont-srvprofile-id 10 desc
ont port native-vlan 9 0 eth 1 vlan 728

Let’s add a service-port for this ONT:

service-port 0 vlan 728 epon 0/0/9 ont 0 multi-service user-vlan 728 tag-transform translate

Let’s look at the MAC address on the ONT or service-port:

display mac-address port 0/0/9 ont 0
display mac-address service-port 0

An example of adding a port description:

port desc 0/0/9 description

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