ABillS. SNMP Port Shift

I noticed once that on Huawei switches SNMP port indices can be shifted, for example, on Huawei s2326 VLANs are considered first, for example ifIndex.1 is vlan1, ifIndex.2, ifIndex.3, ifIndex.4 are user VLANs, and then ifIndex5 is the port Ethernet1. Because of this, when binding client services to switch ports in ABillS, the ports will not be displayed correctly.

In this case, the SNMP Port Shift field will help, in which we indicate the number of first unnecessary indexes, for example, 4 if ifIndex5 is the first port on the switch.

You can find it in the menu “Settings” – “Equipment” – the desired model – “Ports” – “SNMP port shift”. If the number of VLANs on the switches of the same model is different and the port indices differ, we will create new models in the “Settings” – “Equipment” menu and assign them to the corresponding switches.

Also in new versions of ABillS there are options “Use automatic SNMP port shifting” and “FDB uses port numbers as indexes” that can be enabled.

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