Adding ONT Huawei EchoLife HG8120 and HG8120R

On the test I will use ONT Huawei EchoLife HG8120 (works only in Bridge mode as a media converter) and Huawei EchoLife HG8120R (can work as Router & Bridge, with reset settings has no configuration, so it works the same as HG8120 in Bridge mode).
The standard IP for both models is, the login is telecomadmin, the password is admintelecom.
I will use VLAN 228 for the Internet.

Add ONT will be on Huawei SmartAX MA5683T, I recommend to see my article Configuring Huawei SmartAX MA5683T through the console

First of all I wrote the ont-lineprofile profile:

ont-lineprofile gpon profile-id 13 profile-name "Huawei HG8120"
tcont 4 dba-profile-id 11
gem add 1 eth tcont 4
gem mapping 1 0 vlan 228

Then ont-srvprofile:

ont-srvprofile gpon profile-id 13 profile-name "Huawei HG8120"
ont-port pots 1 eth 2
port vlan eth 1 translation 228 user-vlan 228
port vlan eth 2 translation 228 user-vlan 228

Profiles created, it is necessary to add ONT, an example:

interface gpon 0/5
ont add 4 70 sn-auth "414C004CF00D5E00" omci ont-lineprofile-id 13 ont-srvprofile-id 13 desc NAME
ont port native-vlan 4 70 eth 1 vlan 228 priority 0

The goal was to use only one Eth port, so if you need to use the second one, then we’ll add:

ont port native-vlan 4 70 eth 2 vlan 228 priority 0

If the U2000 program is used, then when adding ONT, we will change the profile of the Service Profile, namely in the UNI port we tick the box and specify Default VLAN ID so that the command above is automatically registered.

Now for the Internet to work, it remains to exit the port configuration mode and register the service-port:

service-port 1420 vlan 228 gpon 0/5/4 ont 70 gemport 1 multi-service user-vlan 228


See also my article:
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