Asterisk commands

I will describe the possible Asterisk commands that can be entered after connecting to the console:

sudo asterisk -r
sudo asterisk -rvv

View all peers:

sip show peers

View current SIP registrations:

sip show registry

Reloading the sip module, usually done after making changes to the sip.conf file:

sip reload

View active SIP channels:

sip show channels

View SIP settings:

sip show settings

To enable or disable the debug mode, you can specify specific IP or user:

sip set debug on
sip set debug off
sip set debug on ip

Load, reload, unload module:

module load
module reload
module unload

View the list of loaded modules:

module show

View current dialplan:

dialplan show

Dialplan reload:

dialplan reload

Save current dialplan to file:

dialplan save

View dialplan settings:

dialplan show globals

View installed codecs in Asterisk:

core show codecs

View downloaded applications in Asterisk are listed in extensions.conf:

core show applications

Reboot Asterisk:

core restart now

Restarting Asterisk after all conversations are completed:

core restart gracefully

View online help:

core show help

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