Automatically installing Mikbill in Debian 7

For the test, I will perform the automatic installation of Mikbill in Debian 7 and describe the process.

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Switch directly to the root user:

su -

Download the archive from Mikbill and unpack it:

tar xzvf mikbill.tar.gz

Run the installation script in Debian 7:

cd DISTR/Debian7x

During the installation process, we answer the questions, the IP address of the billing page (where it will be opened), the billing domain, MySQL passwords.

After installing the billing did not open in the browser, there was an error:

502 bad gateway

To solve it, in the text editor opened the configuration:

nano /etc/php5/fpm/pool.d/www.conf

Found the string:

listen = /var/run/php5-fpm.sock

And replaced it with:

listen = /var/run/php-worker-socket

After rebooting the system, everything worked.

Check if Mikbill and radius are working with commands:

netstat -anp|grep
netstat -anp|grep
netstat -anp|grep

The standard login and password to admin panel is admin/admin.
You also need to set the time zone in the system by typing:

dpkg-reconfigure tzdata

And the time zone in billing and /etc/php5/.

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