BDCOM GP3600 backup script

I will give an example of a script for backing up the GPON OLT BDCOM GP3600 configuration.

Actually, I sketched such a script:

find /srv/tftp/ -type f -mtime +200 -exec rm {} \;

# BDCOM test
sleep 5
echo "admin"
sleep 5
echo "password"
sleep 5
echo "enable"
sleep 2
echo "write all"
sleep 15
echo "copy startup-config tftp:"
sleep 3
echo "GP3600-08B_`date +%Y-%m-%d`"
sleep 10
echo "exit"
sleep 3
echo "exit"
) | telnet

For automatic execution, add it to /etc/crontab:

0 1 * * * root /backups/scripts/ >/dev/null 2>&1

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