BDCOM. Solution Error: GPON0/1 allocId 256 has been used.

Once I deleted one ONU and saved the configuration on the BDCOM GP3600-08B with firmware 10.3.0D Build 65417, but after connecting new ONUs, the onu-config-template auto-registration template stopped applying to them and the following error was displayed:

GPON-ONUACTIVATE: ONU 414C434CF2B6CD03 is activated on GPON0/1:8.
GPON-ONUDISCOVER: ONU 414C434CF2B6CD03 is discovered on GPON0/1:8.
Error: GPON0/1 allocId 256 has been used.

Having typed the show running-config command, I saw that it was added without profiles:

interface GPON0/1:8
gpon onu equipment-id ONUMODEL

If you manually execute the commands from the auto-registration template, then the Internet on onu started to work, but when connecting a new onu, the error was repeated.

The error was resolved by deleting the config.db and ifindex-config files, by the way, if necessary, they can be sent to tftp:

copy flash:/config.db tftp:
copy flash:/ifindex-config tftp:

I deleted these two files:

delete config.db
delete ifindex-config

And saved the configuration so that they are created automatically:

write all

After that, the error disappeared.
I note that in doing so, the ONU descriptions disappeared.

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