Configuring BDCOM GP3600

In this article I will give an example of GPON OLT BDCOM GP3600-08B configuration.

By the way, the console cable from BDCOM P3310 did not fit, fortunately, the original one was bundled with the device and connected to it at a speed of 9600.
The firmware of the device was 10.3.0D Build 65417.

We’ll go into elevated privilege mode and see the current configuration:

show running-config

First, I set up admin and specify a password (where IXNFO is the password):

aaa authentication login default local
aaa authentication enable default none
aaa authorization exec default local
username admin password 0 IXNFO
enable password 0 IXNFO
service password-encryption

Next, delete the standard IP address, create the necessary VLANs, create a VLAN interface with an IP address to control the device, and indicate the default route for it:

interface GigaEthernet0/0
no ip address
no ip directed-broadcast
vlan 208,226
interface vlan 208
description management
ip address
no ip directed-broadcast
ip route default

Let’s configure the first GigaEthernet as uplink (the Internet will come to it):

interface gigaEthernet 0/1
description UPLINK
no shutdown
switchport trunk vlan-allowed 208,226
switchport trunk vlan-untagged none
switchport mode dot1q-tunnel-uplink
dhcp snooping trust

We can configure the second port, for example, so that you can connect a laptop and test the speed:

interface gigaEthernet 0/2
description ForTestSpeed
no shutdown
switchport mode access
switchport pvid 226
loopback-detection enable
loopback-detection control shutdown
show loopback-detection

Create a list of IP addresses that we will later allow to control the device:

ip access-list standard MANAGEMENT
ip telnet access-class MANAGEMENT
ip telnet attack-defense
no ip http server

Configure SNMP with the previously created MANAGEMENT list:

snmp-server community 0 public RO MANAGEMENT
snmp-server contact
snmp-server location

Configure NTP:

time-zone Kyiv 2 0
ntp query-interval 3600
ntp server

Create the necessary profiles for ONU:

gpon profile onu-flow-mapping vlan226
 gpon-profile entry 1 uni type eth-uni all
 gpon-profile entry 1 vlan 226
 gpon-profile entry 1 virtual-port 1

gpon profile onu-vlan vlan226
 gpon-profile vlan mode trunk
 gpon-profile vlan pvid 226 0
 gpon-profile vlan trunk vlan-allowed 226

Change the peak and guaranteed speed, otherwise pir 1244160 cir 1244160 were specified in the profile by default:

gpon profile onu-rate-limit ratelimit-default id 1
 gpon-profile pir 1000000 cir 5000

Be sure to create a profile for MTU, since on third-party ONUs some of the sites did not open and ping did not pass with large packets (from Windows this can be checked like this ping -t -l 1469

gpon profile onu-uni MTU
gpon-profile max-frame-size 1550

Create a profile for ONU auto-registration (these commands will be automatically executed after connecting new ONUs, the first should always be a command with “tcont-virtual-port-bind-profile” otherwise it will not work):

gpon onu-config-template vlan226
cmd-sequence 001 gpon onu tcont-virtual-port-bind-profile tvbind-default
cmd-sequence 002 gpon onu flow-mapping-profile vlan226
cmd-sequence 003 gpon onu uni 1 vlan-profile vlan226
cmd-sequence 004 gpon onu uni 1 uni-profile MTU

Now configure the first GPON port and similarly the rest:

interface GPON0/1
description users
gpon pre-config-template vlan226 bind-onuid 1-128
gpon bind-onutype onutype-default-hgu precedence 127
gpon bind-onutype onutype-default precedence 128
filter dhcp
switchport trunk vlan-allowed 226
switchport trunk vlan-untagged none
switchport mode trunk
storm-control broadcast threshold 1000
storm-control multicast threshold 1000
switchport protected 1
no shutdown

Enable DHCP Snooping globally for the client VLAN:

ip dhcpd enable
ip dhcp-relay snooping
ip dhcp-relay snooping vlan  226
ip dhcp-relay snooping rapid-refresh-bind
show ip dhcp-relay snooping binding all

Activate the attack prevention function:

filter enable

Setup is complete, save the configuration:

write all

By the way, the following profiles were created by default:

gpon profile onu-rate-limit ratelimit-default id 1
 gpon-profile pir 1244160 cir 1244160
gpon profile onu-tcont tcont-default id 1
 gpon-profile tcont-type 3 pir 1024000 cir 512
gpon profile onu-virtual-port virtual-port-default id 1
 gpon-profile encryption disable
 gpon-profile upstream queue 8
 gpon-profile downstream queue 8
gpon profile onu-tcont-virtual-port-bind tvbind-default id 1
 gpon-profile virtual-port 1 profile virtual-port-default tcont 1 profile tcont-
gpon profile onu-flow-mapping flow-mapping-default id 1
 gpon-profile entry 1 uni type eth-uni all
 gpon-profile entry 1 virtual-port 1
gpon profile onu-flow-mapping flow-mapping-default-hgu id 2
 gpon-profile entry 1 uni type veip all
 gpon-profile entry 1 virtual-port 1
gpon onutype-template onutype-default-hgu
 gpon-onutype match ctc-onu-type HGU
 gpon-onutype config tcont-virtual-port-bind-profile tvbind-default
 gpon-onutype config flow-mapping-profile flow-mapping-default-hgu
gpon onutype-template onutype-default
 gpon-onutype config tcont-virtual-port-bind-profile tvbind-default
 gpon-onutype config flow-mapping-profile flow-mapping-default

An example of viewing various information:

show gpon interface gpon 0/1:1 onu basic-info
show gpon interface gpon 0/1:1 onu optical-transceiver-diagnosis
show gpon interface gpon 0/1:1 onu port 1 current-statistics
show gpon interface gpon 0/1:1 onu virtual-port 1 current-statistics
show gpon onu-image-information
show gpon onu-information
show gpon onu-description
show gpon onu-status-count
show gpon onu-update-state
show gpon active-onu
show filter
show filter summary
show dos
show loopback-detection
show loopback-detection interface gigaEthernet 0/1
show system mtu
sh run db-onu
show gpon ?

An example of performing various operations with ONUs:

interface GPON 0/1:1
description TEST
gpon onu uni 1 shutdown|noshutdown
gpon onu virtual-port 2 shutdown|noshutdown
gpon onu  disable
no gpon onu  disable

An example of viewing debugging information:

clear logging
debug dhcp detail
debug ip dhcp-relay all
show logging
no debug dhcp detail
no debug ip dhcp-relay all

By the way, I noticed a problem on third-party ONUs that some clients could not send DHCPOFFER, and DHCPDISCOVER came to the server from them.

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  1. Hello sir,

    This is to inform you that I m using BDCOM GP3600-08B GPON OLT . I recently encountered a problem with PON link in all the ONU and ONT’s connected with it. The problem is pon being unstable. The internet connection gets disconnected due to pon being unstable.

    I am using BDCOM GP1704-1G , HUAWEI EG8141A5 and HUAWEI HG8546M ONT for internet connection at client side .
    Upon restarting the OLT the problem gets resolved and again arises after some time .
    please provide me a solution to this problem.

    Thank You

    Amit Chaudhary
    Chaudhary Techno Traders