BIOS update on Asus Prime B250 Plus

On the test, I will update the BIOS on the motherboard Asus Prime B250 Plus and describe the process by points.

I recommend not updating the BIOS if there is no reason, usually the update is done when you need to connect new RAM modules or a processor that the old BIOS does not understand.
Also, for each version of the BIOS, you can read the list of changes made and determine whether you need an update.

1) Download the new BIOS file from the official site:
Save the file on your computer’s hard drive or USB storage device.
I recommend downloading more files of previous versions of the BIOS in case an update error occurs.

2) When you turn on the computer, open the BIOS by pressing the DEL or F2 key.
Then select “Advanced Mode(F7)” – “Tool” – “ASUS EZ Flash 3 Utility” – “Through Storage Devices(s)”, open the location of the previously downloaded new BIOS file and select it.
To the questions “Read the file?” and “Update BIOS?” answer “Yes”.

3) We are waiting for the update process to complete about 5 minutes, you can not turn off the computer, or even better if it is connected to UPS. If the power goes out, there is a possibility that the computer will not turn on and will have to send the motherboard to the service center to write the BIOS to the microcircuit through the programmer.

Watch the video as I did:

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