Configuring Cloud in Mikrotik

Starting from the version of RouterOS v6.14, the Cloud function is added which allows using the Dynamic DNS name for a device that is automatically assigned and can be accessed by it even if the IP address is changed.

Example of switching through the console:

ip cloud set enabled=yes

Example of viewing parameters:

ip cloud print

Enable device time update with DDNS server time (if SNTP or NTP service is not configured):

ip cloud update-time yes/no

Immediate update of DDNS:

ip cloud force-update

View the DDNS name:

ip cloud dns-name

View the public IP address to which DDNS is bound:

ip cloud public-address

Binding DDNS to a local IP address instead of a public one, for example to, etc.)

ip cloud advanced use-local-address yes/no

View the current status of the Cloud (updated, updated, error, etc.):

ip cloud status

Through the graphical interface of the Cloud settings can be found in the menu “IP” – “Cloud”.

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