Firmware Upgrade for TP-Link TL-SG5412F Switch

Once I decided to update the firmware on the TP-Link TL-SG5412F switch.

Connected via telnet to the switch and looked at the version of the installed firmware (I had it 1.0.4 Build 20140430 Rel.40858):

show system-info

You can also see it on the main page of the web interface of the switch.

On the official site:
found a newer version – 1.0.5 20150130 rel38923.
I downloaded the archive with the firmware and unpacked it, the firmware file was called TL-SG5412Fv1_en_1.0.5_[20150130-rel38923]_up.bin.

I made a copy of the configuration of the switch to the TFTP server (since after updating the firmware SETTINGS WILL BE RESET!):

copy startup-config tftp ip-address filename tplink.cfg

See my articles about TFTP:
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You can not use TFTP, but save the configuration via the web interface by opening System – System Tools – Config Backup.

To update the firmware of the switch, open System – System Tools – Firmware Upgrade, select the file and click Upgrade to start the update process.
When updating the firmware of the switch, you can not turn off the power, otherwise it may not start.

From the terminal using TFTP you can update it like this:

firmware upgrade ip-address filename firmware.bin

When the firmware is updated, we will connect to the switch using the standard IP – (login and password “admin”) and restore the configuration if necessary.
Via the web interface System – System Tools – Config Restore.
If via telnet or console:

copy tftp startup-config ip-address filename tplink.cfg

See also my article:
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