Configuring DHCP snooping on BDCOM P3310

For example, I will configure DHCP snooping on the BDCOM P3310C EPON OLT.

First, let’s connect to the device and go to the configuration mode:


Let’s see the current configuration:

show running-config

Suppose GigaEthernet0/5 is used as an uplink, for this we indicate it trusted (thereby allowing packets from a DHCP server):

interface GigaEthernet0/5
dhcp snooping trust

Globally enable DHCP snooping:

ip dhcp-relay snooping

Enable DHCP snooping on client VLANs:

ip dhcp-relay snooping vlan 302

Now DHCP snooping is configured, packets from unknown DHCP servers will be blocked, you can see the parameters, the list of clients and statistics:

show ip dhcp-relay snooping
show ip dhcp-relay snooping binding all
show ip dhcp-relay snooping statistics

Optionally, you can also configure other security features:

interface GigaEthernet0/5
arp inspection trust
ip-source trust
ip arp inspection vlan 302
ip verify source vlan 302

After all the settings, we exit the configuration mode and save the configuration:

write all

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