Configuring HTTP on Cisco

Connect to the Cisco switch and go into elevated privilege mode:


Now go into the configuration mode:

configure terminal

Enable HTTP:

ip http server
ip http authentication local

If necessary, you can disable HTTP and HTTPS as follows:

no ip http server
no ip http secure-server

Add a user if it does not exist:

username NAME privilege 15 secret PASSWORD

If you want to allow HTTP access to only certain IPs, then let’s see what rules there are on the switch:

show access-list
show ip access-lists
configure terminal

If there is no necessary rule, then we will create:

access-list 10 permit
access-list 10 permit

See my article – Restricting access to the Cisco Catalyst 6500 management

Apply the rule to HTTP:

ip http access-class 10

To cancel it is possible so:

no ip http access-class 10

If you need to specify the maximum number of connection attempts:

ip admission max-login-attempts 5
show ip admission configuration

Leave their configuration mode and save the configuration:


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