Monitoring the web site in Zabbix

Here is an example of setting up monitoring of a web site in Zabbix:

1) Select or add a network node for which we will observe.

2) Add to the Web site “Web Scenario”, specifying in the first tab:
Name: any
Agent: for example, Internet Explorer 11.0
in the “Steps” tab, add a step:
Name: any
URL: for example
Required string: any string that is present on the site
Required status codes: 200

3) Add a graph for the created “Web Scenario” to see the download speed by selecting Download speed for scenario “ check”.

4) We add a trigger that will work after 3 unsuccessful attempts to access the site:
Name: any, for example “Site is not available”
Importance: any

{[ check].last(#3)}<>0


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