Configuring Loopback Detection on Alcatel OS-LS 6200

For example, configure Loopback Detection on the Alcatel OmniStack LS 6224 switch.

Let’s look at the current settings for Loopback Detection:

show loopback-detection

Let’s go into the configuration mode, enable and specify some parameters of Loopback Detection:

loopback-detection enable
loopback-detection mode src-mac-addr
loopback-detection interval 30

Turn on the client ports Loopback Detection:

interface range ethernet e1-24,g2-4
loopback-detection enable

g1 I have an uplink, so I did not enable Loopback Detection on it.

Let’s configure automatic activation of the port after 3000 seconds, if it was turned off due to the loop (you can specify the value in seconds 30-86400, standard 300):

errdisable recovery interval 3000
errdisable recovery cause loopack-detection
show errdisable recovery
show errdisable interfaces

Exit the configuration mode and save the configuration:

copy running-config startup-config

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