Configuring the Alcatel OmniStack LS 6224

By the way, console cable for Huawei and D-Link switches (for example S2326TP, DES-3200) did not approach the Alcatel OmniStack LS 6224, because it does not use the first contact.
When I assembled the working cable according to the scheme, it did not work through the Chinese USB-RS232 adapter, so I had to connect directly to the COM port of the computer.
The standard connection speed is 9600-8-N-1.

The circuit on which I assembled the cable:
1 – white-brown
2 – green
3 – white-green
4 – orange
5 – blue and white-blue
6-4 – jumper
7 – white-orange
8 – brown

Where the digits are RS-232, but I crimped the RJ45 according to the standard)

After connecting to the switch, we will switch to the mode of elevated privileges:


Let’s look at the existing configuration:

show running-config
show startup-config

Now go into the configuration mode:


Add the necessary VLANs (207 for my management, 226 for clients):

vlan database
vlan 207
vlan 226

We will configure the incoming uplink port as a trunk and specify the necessary VLANs:

interface ethernet g1
switchport mode trunk
switchport trunk allowed vlan add 207
switchport trunk allowed vlan add 226

Let’s configure the ports for clients:

interface range ethernet e1-24,g2-4
switchport mode access
switchport access vlan 226

The specific port can be configured as follows:

interface ethernet e24
switchport mode access
switchport access vlan 226

Assign an IP switch to the VLAN to manage:

interface vlan 207
name core
ip address

Configure authorization (without login by password):

aaa authentication login default line
aaa authentication enable default line
line console
password PASSWORD
line telnet
password PASSWORD
line ssh
password PASSWORD

If necessary, generate a key and enable the ssh-server:

crypto key generate dsa
ip ssh server

If necessary, to authorize via HTTP, add the user (level 15 is the highest):

ip http authentication local
username admin password PASSWORD level 15

You can also configure HTTPS:

ip https authentication local
username admin password PASSWORD level 15

Generate the certificate and enable HTTPS:

crypto certificate generate key_generate
ip https server

Configuring SNMP:

snmp-server community private rw type router
show snmp

Log setup:

logging on
logging console errors
logging buffered debugging
logging file alert
show logging
show logging file
clear logging file

Not in configuration mode, we save the configuration:

copy running-config startup-config

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  1. Hi, could you kindly help me to configure the alcatel ls 6224 from scratch. It is connected in fiber via another ls 6224, but I am not very proficient in the configuration. Thanks