cPanel. Mail Import to Gmail

Let’s say we created a new email address through cPanel and want Gmail to import mail from it.

You can connect via IMAP so that mail is duplicated in Gmail, but I recommend POP3 so that mail is stored only in Gmail, that is, after importing into Gmail, it is deleted on the mail server.

Going to Gmail ( you need to open the settings, for this click on the wheel in the upper right corner and click “All settings”, then select the “Accounts and Import” tab (direct link

Opposite “Receive mail from other accounts:” press “Add mail account”, specify the email address, then select “Import mail from another account (POP3)” and fill in the data, for example:

Email address:
Password: XXXX
POP Server: Port: 995
0 Save copies of received emails on the server.
1 Always use secure connection (SSL) when receiving emails.
1 Assign a shortcut to incoming messages
0 Archive incoming mail (skip incoming)

Where 0 – uncheck the box, where 1 – put a tick.

Click to add an account and in the next window fill in the SMTP data so that you can send messages from Gmail via this email:

SMTP Server: Port: 587
Password: XXXX
1 Secure connection using TLS (recommended)

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