The solution to the warning “mismatch_cnt is not 0 on /dev/md*”

Replaced once the junk drive in the software RAID1, added it to the raid, it successfully synchronized, installed GRUB. After a while I received an email message: In my case, raid-check found that the mismatch_cnt counter is not equal to 0 for /dev/md2, which means that there may be broken sectors on the disk, or […]

Migration from EasyApache 3 to EasyApache 4

On the test I migrated from EasyApache 3 to EasyApache 4. Before starting the process, you must always make a backup copy of the server. Opened the “WHM” – “Home” – “Software” panel – “EasyApache 4” and clicked the “Migrate” button. The migration process lasted about 5 minutes. Since the old EasyApache 3 used Apache2.2, […]

Troubleshooting PHP Warning “Permission denied /var/cpanel/php/sessions/ea-php56/”

Once I updated EasyApache 3 to EasyApache 4 in cPanel and noticed in the PHP logs the following: The warning occurs because PHP can not write session files to a directory to which it does not have access rights. I looked at the rights of this directory, the group and owner was root, and it […]

The warning solution “The MaxMind Geolite databases will soon be deprecated” in Cpanel

Once launched a server security check by clicking “Check Server Security” in “Main” – “Plugins” – “ConfigServer Security & Firewall” and saw a warning: Firewall Check CC_OLDGEOLITE option check The MaxMind Geolite databases will soon be deprecated, disable CC_OLDGEOLITE to start using the new Geolite2 databases This option determines which database to use, the old […]

Configuring Cron Jobs in cPanel and WHM

Cron jobs are added separately for each user through the cPanel and WHM web interface, namely cPanel “Advanced” -> “Cron Jobs“. Through the WHM panel “Home” -> “Server Configuration” -> “Configure cPanel Cron Jobs“. But there are also system tasks that can not be seen through the panel. They can be seen by connecting through […]

How to start ClamAV scanning from the command line on the cPanel server

Here is an example of checking the public_html directory with the removal of infected files: Similarly, other directories are checked. To start checking only the mail and public_html directory for all users: To update the anti-virus database, use the command: See also my article: Installing and using ClamAV antivirus software

Location of log files cPanel

Below is a list of paths for cPanel log files. Logs in the /var/cpanel/: /var/cpanel/horde/log/ (Horde) /var/cpanel/roundcube/log/ (RoundCube) /var/cpanel/squirrelmail/ (SquirrelMail) /var/cpanel/logs (different cPanel logs) /var/cpanel/accounting.log (creation, deletion of accounts, etc.) /var/cpanel/bandwidth.cache/{USERNAME} (Per account bandwidth history (Cached)) /var/cpanel/bandwidth/{USERNAME} (Per account bandwidth history (Human Readable)) /var/cpanel/updatelogs/updated.DATE.log (update logs) Logs in the /usr/local/cpanel/logs/: /usr/local/cpanel/logs/access_log (user access and action […]