How to solve Excessive resource usage: cpanelroundcube

Once, one of the employees opened a web-based email interface (usually located at, left the browser window open for a long time, and then the following messages began to arrive at the administrator’s email:

lfd on Excessive resource usage: cpanelroundcube (4606 (Parent PID:6760))

Time:         Tue Jul  7 16:48:33 2020 +0300
Account:      cpanelroundcube
Resource:     Process Time
Exceeded:     9023 > 1800 (seconds)
Executable:   /usr/local/cpanel/3rdparty/php/73/sbin/php-fpm
Command Line: php-fpm: pool user_cpanelroundcube                                                  
PID:          4606 (Parent PID:6760)
Killed:       No

Since this behavior is normal, I just turned off notifications for the cpanelroundcube user.
To do this, in the WHM panel, I opened ConfigServer Security & Firewall> lfd – Login Failure Daemon> csf.pignore, Process Tracking (EDIT) and added the line at the end:


After that, in the next window that appeared, I clicked to restart CSF.

You can also specify a line manually in the /etc/csf/csf.pignore file.

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