Firmware update BDCOM P36xx EPON OLT

I will give an example of updating the firmware of BDCOM P36xx EPON OLT, we will definitely look at the OLT model, as it can be P36xx or P36xxB.

You perform all update actions at your own peril and risk!
Let’s see the model and the current firmware version:

show version

Let’s see what files are in memory:


Let’s make a copy of the tiger.blob file, the startup-config configuration and the Switch.bin firmware on the tftp server:

copy flash tftp

Since there is enough memory, we will copy the firmware file from the TFTP server to the OLT memory under a different name, for example 93749.bin (OLT may not accept with underscores):

copy tftp flash

The firmware file that I used can be downloaded here:
Also here:

Now let’s quickly delete the main firmware file and name the new file by its name:

delete Switch.bin
rename 93749.bin Switch.bin

Restart OLT:


Updating the firmware from the wrong model will lead to a cyclic reboot of the OLT, you can restore it through the console (the cable pinout is standard like that of D-Link, Cisco, Juniper, Huawei), I wrote more in the article – BDCOM OLT Recovery

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