Firmware Update BDCOM P3310

On the test I will update the firmware in BDCOM P3310C, firmware can be taken here: (need registration)
I downloaded version BD_3310C_10.1.0E_43480_en.bin to several BDCOM P3310C, after a couple of years there were no problems (the devices are configured without qinq).

I also tried BD_3310C_10.1.0E_50633_en.bin
but it had problems detecting loops on the ONU and the SNMP differed in the OID, so in order not to redo the templates – rolled back to the previous 43480.

Below I will describe the procedure for updating the firmware.

We connect to the device via telnet or console cable and see the current firmware version by running the command:

show version

In my case it was displayed:

BDCOM(tm) P3310C Software, Version 10.1.0E Build 37276

Let’s switch to the privileged mode and look at the contents of the file system of the device:


Make a copy of the firmware file to the tftp server:

copy flash tftp

Source file name? Switch.bin
Destination file name? Switch_backup_37276.bin

Make a copy of the configuration file to the tftp server:

copy startup-config tftp://bdcom_backup.cfg

Articles about the TFTP server are listed in my other articles:
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The file for the new firmware with the extension .bin, which you downloaded earlier, will be renamed to Switch.bin and placed on the tftp server.

Let’s delete the active firmware file on the device, if there is not enough space to upload a new one:

delete Switch.bin

Now upload the new firmware to the device:

copy tftp flash

Source file name? BD_3310C_10.1.0E_43480_en.bin
Destination file name? Switch.bin

And we will reboot the device in order to run from the new version:


Done, the firmware upgrade is complete.

The following MAC addresses are reserved for new firmware versions and can not be used:

X2:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX Local Administered
X6:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX Local Administered
XA:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX Local Administered
XE:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX Local Administered

That they could be used we execute a command:

epon local-mac forward

Also, after the firmware update, the syntax of some commands may change.
I updated it remotely via telnet, the configuration remained, some out-of-date commands in the configuration, for example those starting with sntp, automatically changed to ntp.

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