BDCOM P3310D Firmware Update

In this article, I will give an example of updating the firmware on the BDCOM P3310D.

I connected via telnet and looked at the current firmware version (at the time of this writing, it was version 69083):

show version

I looked at how much memory is free and what files are there, I made a backup copy of the startup-config configuration and the Switch.bin firmware file on the TFTP server:

copy flash tftp

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Then I copied the new firmware file from the TFTP server to the OLT memory under a different name, usually there is enough memory in the P3310D for several firmware files:

copy tftp flash
Source file name? BD_3310D_10.1.0F_81296.bin
Destination file name? 2.bin

Link to the firmware file that I used:
Also firmware files can be downloaded here: (need registration)

Then I deleted the old firmware file and replaced it with the new one:

delete Switch.bin
rename 2.bin Switch.bin

It remains to restart the OLT:


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