BDCOM P3310B firmware update

On the test, I will update the BDCOM P3310B OLT firmware and describe the process in this article.

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Let’s start updating the P3310B, I connected remotely via telnet and looked at the current firmware version:

show version

Be sure to make a backup copy of the olt.blob file, the startup-config configuration and the Switch.bin firmware file to the TFTP server:

copy flash tftp

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If you are updating the firmware on an unconfigured OLT, you can assign an IP address to it:

interface vlan1
ip address

Then I looked at how much free memory is available:


It showed me “free space 1359872”, that is, a little more than 1 megabyte, and the firmware file takes more than 5 megabytes, so you will have to delete the current firmware file and you need to be careful to have time to write a new one and not turn off the power supply or the OLT must be connected to UPS, delete Switch.bin:

delete Switch.bin

Copy a new firmware file from the TFTP server and call it Switch.bin as well:

copy tftp flash

Source file name? BD_3314_10.1.0B_63244_05052_2019.bin
Destination file name? Switch.bin

Firmware files for BDCOM P3310B that I used:
Version 63244 is the latest, that is, there is no newer, since the P3310B model is no longer supported by the manufacturer.

Reboot OLT:


This completes the firmware update process, I updated via telnet from version 29333 to 63244. Version 29333 was stable and worked for several years, but after some new third-party xPON ONUs stopped working until they were rebooted, I decided to update the OLT firmware, also on new firmware (only for BDCOM P3310B), in order for third-party ONUs to work, you need to specify the command:

epon dba hardware cycletime 25000 discovery-frequence 40 discovery-length 2048

Also, after updating on the new firmware, for some reason, DHCP Renew stopped going through, so I disabled “ip dhcp-relay snooping”, as well as some other filters, in fact they were not needed on this OLT, since it was in a separate VLAN and traffic between ONUs and ports was isolated, since the “switchport protected” command was used on EPON and GE ports (except for uplink, of course):

no ip dhcp-relay snooping vlan  301
no ip dhcp-relay snooping

interface EPON 0/1
no filter bpdu
no filter dhcp

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