Third party ONU support on BDCOM P3310B

Once we encountered a situation when on a BDCOM P3310B with firmware version 29333, all ONUs fell off on all three ports and became online again in a second, but except for third-party xPON ONUs (these only worked when each was rebooted).

BDCOM P3310B worked with firmware version 29333 for about 4 years and no such problems were observed.

At the time of the problem, the following entries were in the logs (for those ONUs that disappeared and immediately started working):
Jan 10 11:43:45 %OLT: Interface EPON0/3:12’s CTC OAM extension negotiated successfully!
Jan 10 11:43:44 %OLT: Interface EPON0/3:12’s OAM Operational Status: Operational
Jan 10 11:43:44 %OLT: Interface EPON0/3:12’s OAM Operational Status: Linkfault

And xPON ONU has only:
Jan 10 11:43:44 %OLT: Interface EPON0/3:1’s OAM Operational Status: Linkfault

After this failure, due to which all ONUs in the Linkfault turned off, I decided to update the OLT firmware, see how I did it in the article:
BDCOM P3310B firmware update

After updating the firmware, I also added a command for compatibility with third-party ONUs:

epon dba hardware cycletime 25000 discovery-frequence 40 discovery-length 2048

This command is only required on the BDCOM P3310B, it does not need to be entered on the P3310C and P3310D.
Later, the failure repeated again, but third-party ONU xPONs started working immediately along with the rest of the ONUs.

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