BDCOM OLT Recovery

Once an incorrect firmware was loaded into one of the OLTs, because of this, it cyclically rebooted.

To restore BDCOM OLT, connect the console cable to the turned off device, open the terminal, turn on the power, immediately hold down the Ctrl+P keys, hold them and wait for the message to appear, if you press the keys late, the device can start to boot in normal mode, in this case start over. When writing the article, I used the models P3608 and P3310C.

Assign the device an IP address, for example:

ip address

Let’s start the TFTP server on the computer, I wrote how to start it in the articles:
Starting a TFTP server in Windows
Installing and Configuring a TFTP Server in Ubuntu

We put the firmware file on the TFTP server and execute the OLT command (where is the IP address of your computer with the TFTP server):

copy tftp flash

Specify the name of the firmware file on the TFTP server and under what name it should be saved in BDCOM OLT (in the OLT memory you need to write the file under the name Switch.bin):

Source file name[]?BD_3616B_10.1.0F_58197.bin
Destination file name[Switch.bin]?Switch.bin

If the BDCOM OLT memory was formatted, then you also need to copy the tiger.blob file:

copy tftp flash
Source file name[]?tiger.blob
Destination file name[tiger.blob]?tiger.blob

The tiger.blob file is different for each model, it can be downloaded on the Internet (for example, from or from another working OLT, for example like this:

copy flash tftp

At the end, restart OLT:


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