How to solve “Suspicious process running under user” and “Excessive resource usage”

Sometimes some necessary processes use a lot of resources on the server and the system often starts to notify about it by email.
For example, as in my case, after installing the Zabbix agent, notifications began to come:

Suspicious process running under user zabbix
Excessive resource usage: zabbix

To exclude checks from Zabbix or other services, you need to open “ConfigServer Security & Firewall” at the very bottom of the WHM panel and in the section “lfd – Login Failure Daemon” where “Edit lfd ignore file” select “csf.pignore, Process Tracking”, click “Edit” and at the very bottom add the path to the running process, for example:


To apply the changes, click the “Change” button below.

Naturally, if the resources are used by an unknown process, script, etc., then it must be investigated.

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