D-Link DSR-150 router firmware upgrade

To flash the D-Link DSR-150 router, take the following necessary steps in steps:

1) Let’s look at the revision on the label under the router and download the new firmware from it from the official site http://www.dlink.ru/ru/products/9/1697_d.html

Firmware router not under the revision can lead to its failure.

2) Open the settings of the router by typing in the browser the address (maybe and enter the standard login – admin, the password – admin.

3) In the opened interface at the top, open the “Tools” tab, on the left, select “Firmware“. On the page that opens, the current firmware version will be displayed, if it is older than the downloaded one, then click “Browse” and select the previously downloaded firmware file, then click “Upgrade” to start the process updates.

Wait until the update is complete, usually 2-5 minutes. At the end, the router will reboot.

Is done.

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