D-Link DSR-150 router firmware upgrade

To flash the D-Link DSR-150 router, take the following necessary steps in steps: 1) Let’s look at the revision on the label under the router and download the new firmware from it from the official site http://www.dlink.ru/ru/products/9/1697_d.html Firmware router not under the revision can lead to its failure. 2) Open the settings of the router by […]

Configuring LoopBack Detection on D-Link Switches

For example, I will use the D-Link DES-3200 switch, on other models the setting for LoopBack Detection is essentially the same. Activation of the LoopBack Detection (LBD) function on the switch: Enabling LoopBack Detection on ports 1 through 16: Setting recover_timer (time in seconds for which the port will be disabled if a loop is […]

Configuring the switch D-Link DES-3200

For example, I will take the D-Link DES-3200-18 C1 switch with firmware 4.36.B012. Commands are similar for switches with a different number of ports, they can differ slightly only with different firmware versions and revisions. Create an administrator account: Storing the administrator password in encrypted form: Enabling password recovery: Serial port parameters: Enable access via […]

Configuring Traffic Segmentation on D-Link Switches

I will give an example of setting up Traffic Segmentation on D-Link switches. Traffic Segmentation prohibits ports to communicate with each other directly, on other manufacturers’ switches, this function is called Protected Ports, Port Isolation, etc. Before configuring Traffic Segmentation, you need to know exactly which of the Uplink ports, let’s say on the switch […]