D-Link DIR-300 Firmware Update

In the test I will update the firmware of the D-Link DIR-300 B5 v.1.2.94 router to 2.15.12.
In my case, after updating the firmware, the settings were reset to the factory settings and new functions were added, for example, when you select a Wi-Fi channel, you can see the noise levels of channels by other devices.

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How to catch broadcast flood on D-Link switches

I noticed once in one common network jumps in broadcast traffic, I was able to detect naturally quickly, since I had previously set up monitoring via graphs and triggers using Zabbix. I looked at the graphs of broadcast traffic from the ports of the main switch, from here it was clear where he started to go, and so we determined the chain to the client switch and port. In the Zabbix monitoring system, it is convenient to configure triggers that trigger when the limit of broadcast traffic is exceeded and report this on the screen, email to the administrator, etc.

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