Configuring the D-Link DIR-300NRU/B7 Router

As an example, we will take the D-Link DIR-300 NRUB7 router.

To configure, you must perform the following steps:

1) Open the browser address, in the window that opens, enter the admin login and an empty password or the same password as the login. If the specified address does not open in the browser or the username and password do not fit, then these parameters may be changed, so you can simply reset the router to the factory settings by clicking on the internal button on the back of the router with a thin object. At the first login, you will be prompted to change the system password, change it to a new one and enter the settings under the new one. After any changes, a window will be displayed at the top saying that the “Device Configuration has been changed” and the “Save” button that must be pressed to save the configuration; otherwise, after turning off the router, it will be restored to the previous one.

2) Click “Configure manually” – “Network” – “WAN” and change existing or add new connection settings. Most often, Internet providers use the connection type “Dynamic IP Address (DHCP)”, or you need to specify the settings from your Internet provider.

3) Configure the wireless network settings in “Wi-Fi” – “Basic Settings” indicate the SSID (Wi-Fi network name), select the country, the channel is selected as “Auto” by default, in the future if other Wi-Fi networks are nearby (they can interfere) and poor wireless connection, you can manually select it for more free.
In “Wi-Fi” – “Security Settings” select WPA2-PSK in “Network Authentication”, specify the encryption key PSK (password for Wi-Fi).

After entering the above parameters, you must click the “Change” button at the bottom, after completing the settings in the upper menu, select “System” – “Save and Reboot”, after which the router configuration will be saved and it will reboot.

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