D-Link DIR-300 Firmware Update

In the test I will update the firmware of the D-Link DIR-300 B5 v.1.2.94 router to 2.15.12.
In my case, after updating the firmware, the settings were reset to the factory settings and new functions were added, for example, when you select a Wi-Fi channel, you can see the noise levels of channels by other devices.

I will describe the steps in steps:

1) Find and download the new firmware from the official site http://ftp.dlink.ru/pub/Router/. You need to download the firmware only the one that corresponds to the revision, for example, if the router of revision B5, then the firmware for B5, if B7, then for B7. If you flash the wrong firmware, the router will most likely stop working.

2) Next, open the router settings by typing in the browser the address (maybe and enter the standard login – admin without a password (maybe the password is admin).

3) In the interface that opens, select “Settings” – “System” – “Software Update”, click “Browse” and select the previously downloaded firmware file, then click “Update” to start the update process.

We are waiting for the update to complete, usually 2-5 minutes. At the end, the router will restart itself.


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